Recording an event

All recorded events will be saved in mp3 format in the bitrate you specified in your stream settings. Recordings will use up your station's storage allowance.

Radio Cult allows you to record your events. Whether you want to record a live set for playback and archive later to Mixcloud / Soundcloud or if you just need to record your station's stream for regulatory reasons, it's very simple to do so with Radio Cult.

Setting an event to record

The schedule page

Navigate to the schedule page:

  1. Click the Schedule option in the top navigation bar

For a new event:

Turning on recording for a new event
  1. Either click on the "Create" button or drag on the calendar to create to create an event
  2. Then, toggle "Record event" to on

For an existing event:

Turning on recording for an existing event
  1. Click on the desired event
  2. Then, toggle "Record event" to on (it should be in the right hand Options menu).

Viewing and interacting with recorded events

The recordings page

Once an event has finished the recording will be uploaded and archived within Radio Cult. You can view and interact with all of your recordings on the Recordings page.

Go to the Recordings page by:

  1. Click the Media link in the top navigation bar
  2. Then, click the Recordings option, which is contained in the left hand side menu.

Once you're on the Recordings page you will be able to interact with all of your recordings. Click on the actions button (as shown in the image above) to perform an action on a recording.

Some of the actions you can perform on your recordings are:

  • Download a recording
  • Upload to Mixcloud
  • Upload to Soundcloud
  • Edit the recording details
  • Delete the recording.
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